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The Use Of Acrylic Sheets In Furniture Industry Is Increasing Day By Day & Here’s Why!

Acrylic sheet is widely used both for industrial purpose as well as domestic/personal use.

Acrylic Sheets are a transparent plastic material that comes from a family of synthetic.

Acrylic Sheets have a shine and a glossy effect and more like a see-through plastics.

What are the uses of Acrylic Sheet?

Acrylic Sheet is used in lenses, medical devices, LCD screens and more importantly in furniture. Acrylic Sheets are the reason, your furniture gets that glossy effect and shines on the outside. It is widely applied over the plywood in modular furniture components.

What is the standard size of the Acrylic Sheet?

The Acrylic Sheet comes in the following sizes:

The standard size of an an Acrylic Sheet is generally 4’ x 8’.

Are Acrylic Sheets Waterproof?

Acrylic Sheet are water resistant. This makes it suitable for furniture application.

Where can I get Acrylic sheets prepared for the furniture?

There are several manufacturers all over India, who press Acrylic sheets over furniture components and provide you the lucrative glossy or matt finish you desire. At Europanell, we help apply Acrylic Sheets on the plywood, shape it and deliver it to the client’s address. We deliver all over India.

How durable are Acrylic Sheets?

Acrylic Sheets are generally very durable. As they are both heat as well as moisture resistant. Acrylic Boards that are manufactured at Europanell are extremely durable and thus our clients love ordering Acrylic Boards from us. Europanell specializes in manufacturing and delivering acrylic boards for modular furniture like Modular Kitchens, Wardrobes, Wall furniture, etc.

Europanell over the years has build solidarity and made a name for themselves when it comes to supplying premium quality Senosan Acrylic Boards for Interiors & Furniture.